Monday, April 19, 2010

im so tired of seeing baggers!

We went to the Woodstock IL motorcycle swapmeet today. It was a great time, saw some CRAZY stuff like a 50cc snowmobile for kids, lots of sweet cafe bikes, and a bunch of jap/british bobbers. It was an all around good time.
The only set back is the sea of stock harley davidson baggers that are everywhere. Im so tired of seeing everyone and their mother riding a La-Z-Boy on wheels. That shit is not manly, its not womanly, its just boring. Plain and simple. Put some pinstriping on it and rediculously loud pipes and call it custom. Its not that i dont like the bikes, but more so the fact that every one of them looks exactly the same and the riders all look exactly the same. Theres no individuality anymore. Its all generic.
Now, im not saying that everyone should go out and ride some homemade hard tailed monstrosity. Although that is what i do prefer myself. But, atleast take some pride in it other than the fact that its been washed and you have a leather vest. Make it "Your's" and make it different. Stand out and try to show a little of yourself. Would you get a tattoo that everyone else had and think it was awesome? Hell no, because everyone would look like fools.
Spend some time, look at it, make it something that is an extension of you.
There are motorcycle riders and there are motorcycle owners. If you just wanna ride and dont care about what it looks like just go buy a brand new japanese bike and save the money, cause it doesnt matter anyways. If you wanna be excited everytime your leg over that thing, then make it something thats going to get you excited. Like your riding it for the first time all over again.

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