Wednesday, March 17, 2010

School is cool

I had my first day of my next class last night and lets just say it was interesting. The teacher is really nice but very low key. Almost to the point of boredom but not quite there. It's a business class so it fairly interesting and could definitely come in handy later on in life. He's got real life experience as a business owner so i can take his opinions seriously. He's not just reading out of a book and delegating the answers out to us in a big list.
It's definitely strange being the only one in the class above the age of 20 or so. I'm not much older but they can still tell. (did my beard and Iron Maiden shirt give me away?) A few people were trying to befriend me on our smoke break, but something tells me they might just be looking for someone to buy them beer.
Although, one person did seem very cool. They approached me and asked me what kind of motorcycle i have to which i responded politely and we struck up a conversation. We talked about how he used to build cars with his dad before he passed away and how much fun he had doing it. It's nice to meet a truly genuine person once in a while. Someone who's not trying to blow smoke up your ass or just impress you by oneuping your stories with something that probably never happened or atleast didnt happen that way. Good thing me and him are on the same work team because if I had to spend the next 8 weeks listening to "man, i wish would could get some beer for this party tonight. wink wink nudge nudge" i think i might put a gun in my mouth.
Here's to hoping that school is still cool.

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